Stem Cell Injectıon

Stem cell is the basic cell type that forms the tissues and organs of multicellular organisms. It can transform into different cell types and has the ability to regenerate itself to produce more stem cells. These cells can be utilized in surgical methods, and can aid in achieving successful results of facial and body rejuvenation. Stem cells are intelligent cells with a high regenerative capacity. On the other hand, an aesthetic surgeon’s perspective is very much needed for topics such as giving shape to the face and providing harmony. The aesthetic surgeon constructs a plan, considering the requirements, weak areas and the strategic areas of the face and the body. Stem cell injection without these surgical principles will lead to problems with facial balance and ratios, and will also negatively affect how natural the face appears.

What are the goals of stem cell injection?
Stem cell injection is utilized for cosmetic goals in lip enhancement. It provides a natural and problem free lip enhancement. In addition, the stem cell injection is applied for scar management and the improvement of burn scars. When a site in the body is injured, chemical substances called chemokines are released. Sensors on the stem cells, named receptors, are sensitive to this substance. The stem cells that sense chemokine rapidly proceed to the site of injury and initiate the repair.

How is the stem cell injection performed?
The skin behind the ear has some interesting features. This skin is naturally protected from the sun damage, and it is therefore relatively the youngest skin compared to the face. It is also rich in stem cells. Before stem cell injection, a skin biopsy is taken from the area behind the ear. This cellular cluster rich in stem cells is isolated and turned into a vaccine. Although this vaccine cannot be used as a volume enhancer, it is very effective for the treatment of fine wrinkles and rejuvenation without volume enhancement. This procedure needs to be repeated in certain intervals.

Why is stem cell injection preferred?
• Stem cell injection is prepared from the person’s own cells. These cells rapidly adapt to their new sites, eliminating the problems. The results are natural.
• Blood circulation increases in the site of application. Because blood circulation is increased, the skin attains a shinier appearance.
• This method increases tissue rejuvenation in the site of application. The stem cell corrects the deficiencies at the site of implantation.
• There is almost no pain associated with stem cell injections. There are also no bruises or swelling. There are no allergic reactions.
• The procedure does not require any sutures. There are no scars in the site of application.

Are there any risks of stem cell injections?
Unlike synthetic materials, stem cells do not cause any allergies or other problems. This is because these cells are compatible with the patient’s body. However, the person applying the injection has a critical role. When the injections are applied without an aesthetic surgeon’s perspective and without considering the artistic proportions of the face, the skin will appear younger, however the appearance of the face will be unnatural. Another important issue is the site from which stem cells are taken. Not all sites of the body can be used as stem cell sources. Otherwise, problems may occur at one site while another site is getting younger.