Prp Applıcatıons

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Application is the name given to the application of plasma rich in growth factors and that has a high concentration of thrombocytes (platelets). This plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood by using a centrifuge, and it is injected back. This content is composed of blood elements that repair injured tissues and include growth factors. Any injury in our tissues leads to the accumulation of platelets (thrombocytes) in the blood and the initiation of a repair process. The aim of PRP application is to give much higher numbers of platelets compared to what can be carried there with only blood circulation. Thus the repair of the injured tissue can start rapidly and more strongly, and end in a shorter period of time. This is due to the fact that the density of the platelets in the PRP is 2 to 4 times greater than it is in the blood. This treatment method relies on the logic of stem cells. The plasma leads to the release of growth factors that trigger the migration and reproduction of stem cells at the site of injection. During the procedure, the person’s own blood is used. In other words, there is no risk of the occurrence of any contagious disease or allergy.

What are the purposes of PRP injection?
• Skin rejuvenation
• Correction of wrinkles that have resulted from skin aging and exposure to UV rays
• Treatment of acne scars
• Treatment of hair loss
• Enabling rapid restructuring of the skin in areas including the face, neck, décolletage, hands, inner aspects of the legs, and arms
• Correction of cavities
• Enabling the skin to regain its flexibility and shine
• Management of conditions with delayed wound healing, striae, or injury to the skin
• Treatment of chronic wounds
• Treatment of soft tissue injury
• Treatment of bone disorders
• Treatment of acute trauma
• Treatment of skin sagging and pigmentation problems

Why is PRP preferred?
• It is produced from the person’s own tissues, it does not result in an allergic reaction
• It is a practical method without any serious side effects
• It does not cause an extensive scar tissue
• It does not cause malignant transformation
• It is easily available
• Its effects are long lasting persistent
• It supports all the vital functions of the skin, not the formation of new collagen
• It eliminates the wrinkles and lines not by “filling” the skin, but by “rejuvenating”.

Does PRP require re-application?
The shiny and healthy appearance that is attained after the initial application may show a regression in time. In this condition, making a few consecutive applications and accumulating the rejuvenating effect is necessary. Each session generally consists of 3 applications. If these sessions are repeated every 10-12 months, the effects become long lasting and can nearly be considered as permanent. Unlike the filler treatment or similar ones, the rejuvenating effect of PRP is not limited to certain areas, but the effect is rather diffused to a larger skin area. The positive results achieved with other methods last for a certain period of time, however the positive results achieved through PRP belong permanently to the user, they do not diminish in time.