Female Genıtal Aesthetics

In the female genitals, when the labia minora (inner lips) are more prominent than the labia majora (outer lips) problems related to both hygiene and appearance may arise. Large labia minora may cause pain during sexual intercourse or may cause problems in the selection of clothes. Sometimes the individual may think it is a disturbing condition with respect to appearance.

Which procedures are performed during the operation?
The procedure for correcting the shape disorders of the female genitals (vulvoplasty) can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The goal in the surgical management of genital aesthetic problem is the removal of the excessive portion of the labia minora and the correction of the closure of the remaining part. The amount of removal is marked before the operation. A local anesthetic and a vasoconstrictor (drug for decreasing the caliber of the blood vessel) are injected to anesthesize the area and decrease the amount of bleeding. In most cases sutures that do not require removal are used.

How is the recovery period after the operation?
Edema, loss of tightness, and increased sensitivity are observed during the first 48 hours after the operation. The application of cold compress, washing the area with warm water, and the use of antiseptic solutions may be needed. Antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed after the operation. The tightness in the operative site begins to decrease beginning from the 3rd day, movements become easier, and most of the activities of daily living can be performed after the end of the first week. Sexual intercourse is not recommended before the third week. Moisturizing the area by frequent washing is useful. During the first 4-6 months after the operation, an occasional feeling of stinging or burning, itching or redness on the suture line is normal.